Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Give it Your All

  • 2

    Struggling to Forgive

    • Take Your Power Back!

    • Forgive and Forget...Really?

    • Forgiveness is Not...

    • The Grudge-Effect

    • The Benefits of Forgiveness

  • 3

    Choosing to Forgive

    • Forgive From the Heart

    • Forgiving Your Offender(s)

    • Forgiving Yourself

    • Forgiving God

  • 4

    The Healing Process

    • Healing Session 1

    • Healing Session 2

    • Healing Session 3

    • Healing Session 4

    • Healing Session 5

    • Healing Session 6

    • Receiving Closure

    • Releasing the Hurt

    • Break Free!!!

  • 5

    Newness of Life

    • One Step at a Time

    • Embrace the Journey


Founder & Lead Instructor

Chaka Y Jackson

Chaka Y. Jackson is an Entrepreneur, Christian Life Coach & Mentor, Educator, and Minister. She is the founder and lead instructor of our Restored Vessels Academy. Chaka has dedicated 15 years to ministry and over 20 years to entrepreneurship. She is also the Founder and Owner of CYJ Enterprises and Restored Vessels®. Her message is clear: Life Means Nothing Until God Means Everything®

Obtaining an Associate's in Theology and a Bachelor's in Psychology with a main concentration in Christian Counseling has provided Chaka with a unique comprehension of implementing strategies for personal and spiritual development.